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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Apple Spitter

I'm sitting here with my 18-month-old daughter Aria while she eats an entire apple (skin off). Well, she started off actually eating it, but now she's just taking bites and spitting out every other bite. I'm tempted to take it away from her, but to be honest, even though she's making a mess all over the couch and herself, she's quite enjoying herself. And she is actually staying still for more than 3 minutes...which just doesn't happen very often. Yes, I've tried just shaving pieces off for her, but for some reason, no matter how small or thin the piece of apple, she always chokes on it. So I'm trying to trust that she knows how much she can put in her mouth without choking, and it works really well in that respect.

I'm learning to let certain things go now, which I think comes with experience. Well, experience and a decrease in energy, being almost 7 months pregnant. But 7 months ago, if she's been making such a mess and pretty much wasting an apple, I would have made a fuss and taken it from her, which would have resulted in her becoming upset - and for no good reason. I am also really getting to know the strange creature that has completely taken over my heart and life. It's so funny - I loved her from the moment I knew she was coming into our lives, fell hard for her in her first several months here (despite a bout of post-partum depression), and have spent every waking moment with her in the past 18 months. And yet, there is so much more to learn every day about (and from) her.

My children will be 21 months apart, which means a lot of things. Things that I will learn as I go. I'm pretty happy with their age difference - I feel she really needs a constant companion other than me. All I know is that there will never be a dull moment! Speaking of the little man to arrive in was the first day that I could really balance my coffee cup on my belly while leaning back to check email. As soon as I placed the cup on my belly, he started to kick - it was really funny seeing the half-full cup jump around above my son. He's quite the mover, and I love feeling his crazy movements. Although when I imagine he's doing a complete somersault, it's not the most comfortable feeling! But I cherish baby movements - it helps let me know that things are alright.

Well, Aria is nearing the end of her apple - she's done quite well - and it's her nap time. So that means I get to take a shower and clean up a little around here. Only for it to get messy again when she wakes up!

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