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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost 2 cm...

I’m sitting in an exam room at Magee Hospital, waiting to see the doctor.  They are all running behind today.  That figures, because today they are supposed to check me for dilation.  But since I’ve been waiting a while, Baby Boy might just come while I wait!  I hate waiting for news, and I hate waiting to have “an exam” even more!  I just want to get it over with - although I do realize, after two other deliveries, that this is just the start of the invasion.  Sorry – was that too graphic?  Nah – I’m pretty sure my readers, if there are any, are mostly women.

At least my Non-Stress Test went well.  He was very active this morning.  Normally this is his sleepy time.  He prefers the evening and nighttime to move all about and keep Mommy up.  I remember Aria being like this.  Oh no…and she STILL doesn’t always sleep through the night!  Well, I’m very relieved that she had an “ok” night last night, despite a low fever and runny nose.  Oh, yeah, and her split lip.  I can’t believe I was right there when it happened and she STILL cut her lip open.  She was hanging on my pant leg and my pants started to fall down, so I stepped away – ONE STEP – and she smacked her pretty little face on the my mom’s hard kitchen floor.  Let me just say that my daughter is stronger than me, because she cried for all of 15 seconds before she had her beloved prize placed into her hands – an ice cube – and I was a wreck for about an hour.  You know why?  Because I felt it was MY fault.  Mothers – you know what I mean, right?  So, my sweet, strong, stubborn little girl sucked happily on three or four ice cubes while my own mother had to calm me down, saying “Look at her!  She’s FINE!”  I guess no matter how old you get, you still need your mommy to say that to you.  She later laughed and gave me a big hug and said “See, you’re fine, and Aria is fine.”  Thanks, Mom.

As I was typing that last bit, Dr. Streitman came in.  He’s wonderful.  He has 7 kids of his own, a very compassionate spirit and a great sense of humor.  He reassured me of some things and checked me for dilation.  He said I’m almost 2 cm dilated and probably 50% effaced.  YAY!!!  He also said he felt the baby’s head – can you even believe that?!  I am in awe!  My baby boy is SO close!!!  I can’t wait to hold him and kiss him all over!  I am very happy and hopeful.  It won’t be long now… 


  1. Yay!!! I remember Nate's first fat was the same kind of deal. I was standing right there and he tripped over a carpet and whacked his face off the floor. It was definitely more traumatic for me than him.

    I'm so excited about Baby Boy being on his way and that your Non-stress Test went well and that everything looks good! It was great seeing you last night! I really had a lot of fun and you are right...our talks when we are out in public are a little bit different than the ones when we are at someone's house - go figure!

    Glad to hear an update today!

  2. love the blog christina, it keeps me up to date with you and the kiddo
    (s) can't wait to meet BBB im sure he will be a ball of energy, and love, and excitement if you ever figure out a way to bottle up the energy that ur little girl has ... let me know i'll pay ya for it ;) keep us posted!

  3. This is so very exciting! Best wishes for an easy delivery!

  4. SO excited for you guys!!!!! I'm sure Friday can't come fast enough!!!! Best wishes for a safe, happy and wonderful delivery!!! My prayers are with you all! Can't wait to meet that little baby!!!!!

    Oh, and don't worry about the split lip! Elizabeth gets one ALL the time! She's forever falling on the floor! And she can't just fall, she has to split her lip too! Blood everywhere. Crazy mess! LOL! But, she's fine! As long as she sees that I'm cool as a cucumber, then she is too!

    Hugs to you and best best wishes to you as your new family member comes into this exciting world!!!!!!!